Monday, July 26, 2010

Historic Sinclair Station

I recently ran across a fully restored Sinclair gas station in South Fort Worth, Texas. The station was restored to what it probably used to look like decades ago, complete with vintage pumps and a dinosaur on the roof. The office was also filled with memorabilia. If you want to visit the station yourself you can find it here.

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1. Carol Smith said...

The Sinclair brand means a lot to this family, as my late husband worked for the Sinclair Refinery in Sinclair, Wyoming for 32 years! Thanks for the memories

2. Jon said...

Thanks for the note, Carol. Hope it brought back some good memories for you and your family!

3. Janet Story said...

I was a corporate Sinclair Kid. My father (1921-2008) started career with Sinclair in 1953 in the accounting office and worked his way up the ladder until 1968 ending in Chicago - sales and marketing. As he was promoted, we moved (Michigan and Wisconsin territory) His goal was to become a VP, but he saw the writing on the wall that Atlantic Richfield was to buy Sinclair out and he knew his career and upward movement would be on the line, so he started his own business with an independent line of gas stations and car washes in the Chicago area. Growing up, I had everything Dino and we went to the Worlds Fair in 1963 (64?) in New York. Sinclair had a "dinorama" exhibit. I also have a large manila envelope of the corporate letters, sales reports, etc that he saved.

4. Randy Largent said...

Hi Janet Story.
My dad worked at our local Sinclair station in the 1960s in Michigan. I have been trying to find info on that station to build a model with no luck. Can you point me to any info on stations in Michigan 1950-1960s?
Randy Largent

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